A Zoomer as it appears in Jak II

The Zoomer is a vehicle that appears in most of the games, but has a difference in its form and use in each of them. It is a hovering vehicle of different shapes and sizes used for transport in the games. Keira is the inventor of the first Zoomer in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

[edit] Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

This is where the Zoomer is first introduced. This being the first Zoomer, it was a bit basic looking, and simple in technology compared to later games. Keira allows Jak and Daxter to use it for easier access to various places in the game. It is charged by Power Cells. In this game there is only one of them and it is only used three or so times. Most of these are confined to an area, and each having a a launch pad that you have to get on or off the zoomer at. In the game it is called the A-Grav Zoomer, which is a prototype, it was fitted with a Heat Shield allowing it to be used for a mission through a volcano, but the shield is not present in other games.

[edit] Jak 2

Zoomers are the main transportaion device in Haven City. These Zoomers look different to the one designed by Keira, but have the same basic principles. They hover at two different heights, and can get damaged, and bent out of shape, eventually blowing up. These zoomers can be used to beat people out of the way, or other zoomers out of the way. The Krimzon Guards have their own version of Zoomers, (Hellcat Cruiser, KG Zoomer). They both have a different appearence to normal Zoomers, one being a Bike with a single gun mounted underneath, the other being, the other being a three person zoomer also with a gun mounted underneath.

[edit] Jak 3

In this version, the only people that have them are the ones that are still remaining in Haven City. None of the residents of Spargus has them. They aren't used very often here, but they can still be used. They can also be found in the Catacombs, as the only available way of travel.

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