Wastelander 1-color-sm.jpg
Concept art by Bob Rafei of a male Wastelander.
Race Name Wastelanders (Human)
Armor Medium
Weaponry Gun Rods/Staffs (Blaster and Peacemaker)
Leader(s) Damas
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3
Jak X

"Wastelanders" are allies who first appear in Jak II, and are expanded upon in Jak 3. They are a strong race, who, live peacefully with one another, but will attack and kill if provoked. The Wastelanders are ruled by Damas, in the primitive Spargus City.


[edit] Origin

It can be assumed that Damas is the first of the Wastelanders. For severe crimes, citizens of Haven City are banished to The Wasteland to die. However, Damas, along with other exiles (Most likely, Sig.) built Spargus City. Not taking kindly to outsiders, those wishing to join the Wastelanders must survive a series of Arena challenges, primarily consisting of combat. Upon completion of each trial, the exile is granted further and further clearance into the community, until full citizenship and access is granted. Despite the nature of acquiring citizenship, and comprising of outlaws, The Wastelanders are fairly peaceful people.

[edit] Appearance

Wastelanders are seen to wear a primitive form of armour, often with a few layers of different furs and cloths, some of which appears simply to be wrapped-around strips, and large boots. Many Wasteland males sport facial hair, and eye patches are not uncommon. Their attire is necessary, in order to provide protection from the harsh dust storms in the Wasteland. All Wastelanders are equipped with Guns, almost completely of the Blaster variety.

[edit] Transportation

The Wastelanders have two primary forms of transportation. These are the Leaper Lizards and Buggies. Leaper Lizards are found within the walls of Spargus City, and are large reptilian creatures, which are a notable throwback to the Flut-Flut of the first game. Leaper Lizards are fast moving, and are able to hover briefly in the air by flapping their small wings (Tapping the X button) although are more effective at leaping off surfaces by quickly tapping X once upon touching them. The Leaper Lizards are also able to attack, with the Square button initiating a head charge. When pressed during a Jump, this becomes a Dive similar to that used by Jak. Despite being placed throughout the city, only Jak and Precursor Monks are seen riding them at any point. The Leaper Lizards are obtained by Wastelanders from outside of Spargus City, captured as infants and tamed.

Buggies are ridden outside of The Wasteland, and are powerful vehicles. All except for the first acquired has a weapon attached, which range from machine-gun turrets to grenade launchers, and are activated withe the R1 button. X is used to accelerate, with Triange activating boost thrusters, with each car able to hold 3 boost thrusters at any time. Square is used to break. The garage between Spargus City and the Wasteland is maintained by Kleiver, who appears throughout the game, often giving Jak quests involving the usage of these Buggies, and granting him access to others.

[edit] Important Figures

Despite a large population, only three Wastelanders throughout the series appear with large roles:

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