Please use correct coding when editing pages. Even as a guest, we still expect your edits to be nice. My job here is to watch over and fix this wiki. Don't add more to our work than I and the other Wiki Staff member, Relmutsie AN can handle. We are slowly trying to fix it, as well as add to the Wiki. Feel free to register and send me a Private Message if you have any questions about the coding. Make sure you read through the forums to find out about the rules. Here's a basic rundown.

  • Write original information, in your own words. (This is an important one; Plagiarism can get you an automatic ban from the Jak and Daxter Neowiki.)
    • Do NOT cut and paste text from other Wikis (Especially Wikia and Wikipedia. Wikia bugs us a bit anyways, and we don't want to see their work on our wiki)
    • Do NOT copy text from ANY other site (ANYTHING!!!!)
  • Make sure you don't mess up any other pages
    • As I've said, the Wiki Staff has tons of work to do anyways, as well as work on other Neowikis. Don't mess up pages by using strange coding. We can fix it, but it will take us forever, and people build on other Wiki Edits.
    • Don't make stubs either. This is one of the worst things on any Wiki. Don't create Stub pages. Relmutsie AN and I have many of those that we need to add more to.
  • Read through the forums!
    • Read through every single Wiki Forum. If you know what's happening, you'll be a better contributor, and I won't be here so often. I don't like typing out long speeches either, so please don't make me. :P

From your favorite Wiki Staff Member, --Karis 02:54, 27 December 2009 (UTC)

Ok, I see no more reason to deal with you. I typed this all up for you, and I've noticed how it isn't helping you. All you're doing is making horrible looking pages. I'm done with this. Feel free to PM me if you actually want to listen to me. ~Karis

User account "Mjroady" is not registered. Please check if you want to create/edit this page. Yeah. How about you try his talk page? {{SUBST:User:Benedict/USP}} 22:55, 2 January 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, how about no? I sent him a PM, and if he doesn't listen to me, he'll pay for it. End of discussion. ~Karis

On a side note...

Right now, I'd recommend against creating any NEW pages. If you must, edit the ones you've already created. Don't touch any others. You've caused enough of a mess for the Wiki Staff to clean up currently. Don't go any further with creating new pages right now. ~Karis