Torn original sketch
Name Torn
Age 30
Weight 151lbs
Height 6.3ft
Role Underground leader, Krimson Guard soldier, Freedom League commander
Elements Neutral
Residence Haven City
Relations N/A
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3
Jak X: Combat Racing

Torn is a supporting and playable character (in later games) who makes his first appearance in Jak II, and continues to aid Jak and Daxter throughout subsequent games. He usually serves the role of mission giver to Jak, though he appears to be a talented soldier and racer.


[edit] Information

Torn first appears early on in Jak 2, introduced as the 2nd in command of the resistance against Baron Praxis, the corrupt dictator of Haven City. He has a gravely voice and serious disposition, and at first does not trust the duo when they offer to join.

[edit] Role in Jak II

After setting them several tests they are initiated into the resistance, Torn is obviously impressed despite trying to hide it. He and Daxter in particular don't get on well, but over time they gradually earn his respect. It is later revealed that he was a former Krimson Guard, Baron Praxis's army, and that he only quit when the Baron ordered them to abandon part of the city to the Metal Heads, the army of monsters besieging the city, leaving hundreds to die.

It is suggested this is also how he joined the resistance under The Shadow, leader of the resistance apparently stalling the Metal Heads long enough to give the people the chance to get to safety.

Eventually Torn introduces them to Ashelin, a Krimson Guard informant who has gone missing, which he promptly tasks the mission of saving. When later asked what his connection with her is, he replies "It's none of your business!" Ashelin is of course revealed to be Baron Praxis's daughter, and that Torn obviously has a crush on her, which appears to be returned in kind.

When Jak goes after the mythical Precursor Stone, an object said to be infused with great power, Torn betrays them when Baron Praxis threatens to kill Ashelin for being a spy, giving him the location of the stone, demonstrating his love for her. He redeems himself later by formulating a plan to get their captured friends and the Precursor Stone back, though the latter objective is not achieved.

Torn does not make many more appearances after this point, likely withdrawn after betraying the resistance he had served for so long. He along with the other resistance members fight side by side with the Krimson Guard in a attempt to defend the city when the Metal Heads finally gain entry, giving Jak the time he needs to attack the Metal Head nest and kill their leader and traitor Kor, ending the siege once and for all.

Torn is shown in the ending cutscene as the commander of the new Krimson Guard, protesting he doesn't want to go to the party Jak and Daxter are throwing. Ashelin however, as the governor of the city then orders him to escort her, saying "I'm dying to see him dance" with her head hanging over his shoulder, to which Torn replies jokingly "Not likely".

[edit] Role in Jak 3

Torn plays a similar kind of role in Jak 3; he gives missions to Jak in the second half of the game when he arrives in Haven City. Originally he like Jak is cut off from the rest of the Freedom League in the port, apparently due to a suicidal assault Count Veger tasked him. Despite grave circumstances he appears to be his usual gravelly self, and he and Daxter again butt heads repeatedly, most occurring in the Naughty Ottsel, which is the Freedom League headquarters for the area.

He links up with the other members of the Freedom League leadership later when Jak finally manages to break the KG barriers separating the southern part of Haven City and HQ. He aids Jak in some missions, the most memorable example being when you have to cover a hover car with him in it, carrying a set of explosives to open up the front door of the Metal Head Nest. His romance with Ashelin is abruptly cut off in Jak 3, Ashelin seemingly switching from liking Torn to liking Jak.

[edit] Role in Jak X

Torn is also available to play as a racer in Jak X: Combat Racing. He, like his comrades, was present at the reading of Krew's will, and in turn got poisoned by him by drinking the poisoned beverage.

Torn seems more of a pessimistic character in Jak X, since he is focusing on the fact that he has been poisoned, rather than focusing on staying alive. Despite this he is very talented and vicious on the race track, destroying anyone who comes in his way. Ashelin and Torn appear to be with one another again at this point, likely due to fan dismay at the Ashelin and Jak pairing in Jak 3.

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