Talk:White and Light Eco debate

[edit] Forewarning from Relmutsie AN

Ok guys, I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty damned sick of this argument. We need your opinions on the matter, and now.

Now as much as this is a discussion page, there is one thing I will not tolerate here. There is only one rule; do NOT post here saying "Definitely not." and nothing more. Cause I'll tell you now; that doesn't mean SHIT. We need reasons, explanations, anything; simply saying yes or no does not contribute ANYTHING to this argument. Anybody disregarding this rule will be handed a warning.

Go as far into this subject as you want; but we will not settle for a hundred theories. We want facts, and only facts.

Commence discussion.

[edit] Opinions

it is different because in jak and daxter 1 jak destroyed the robot using a ball of energy (white eco) which you cannot do in jak 3 (light eco).

I'm not going to say why it's different, but it is different indeed. There is truly no similarity. I will point out one thing. Offense is White Eco, Defense is Light Eco. Simple as that. ~Karis