Precursor Robot

A Precursor Robot as it appears in Jak 3

A Precursor Robot is a very complex robot made from Precursor Materials.It first appeared in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, as an enemy in which Gol and Maia were using to flood the world with Dark Eco, a deadly force. Jak attacks it, then all of the Sages make White Eco, a good force. Daxter sees this could help him turn back into a human, but, decides to save the world, so Jak uses it and throws the Eco at the Precursor Robot and it sinks in the Catacombs of Dark Eco. The second and last appearance was in Jak 3. Count Veger made one that had a lightsaber-like thing and lasers. Jak shoots it, but, it makes monsters come out. Each time you killed them, after each round, they would become bigger. In each round, you had to shoot some carts, then they would fall on the robot. Finally, he defeated the robot.

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