Peace Maker

Peace Maker
Sketch of Sig's Peace Maker
Mod Name Peace Maker
Mod Series Dark
Mod Level 1
Initial Capacity 5
Ammo Used 1
The Peace Maker is the first Dark series Gun Mod and a powerful gun that you will like to have and love to use. When fired, it takes time to charge, but is in the form of a blue bolt of lightning.
Jak Charging his Peace Maker in Jak II
It then homes in on foes, sort of like a guided missile. When it strikes a foe (missing is unlikely) it splits between numerous enemies that are close together. It is a great weapon to take out groups of enemies. It is one of the last gun mods that you can earn - the last gun mod available in Jak II and one of the last available in Jak 3 - and for good reason; it is incredibly destructive.

Sig favours this gun mod and makes it very clear. He uses it for such purposes as taking down big Metal Heads, destroying a wall created by the Metal Heads, and for general combat.

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