Metal Shield

Metal Shield
Metal Shield.jpg
Concept art of the Metal Shield
Race Metal Head
Armor Extremely Strong
Weaponry Claws, Shield, Plasma Gun
Relations Metal Kor (leader)
First Appearance Jak II: Renegade
Other Appearance(s) Jak 3

The Metal Shield is a powerful sub-species of the Metal Heads, the main antagonists of Jak II: Renegade and Jak 3. They hold shields that are made of some sort of plasma substance that cannot be penetrated. Just like every other Metal Head, they have a Skull Gem on the top of their head that can be exchanged for more Dark Jak powers.

[edit] Appearances

The Metal Shields appear with a vicious manner. They hold a strong shield that is not able to be penetrated by anything, even the Peace Maker. They are completely blue, with brown armor embedded in their skin. These Metal Heads also have a gun connected to their arm that allows them to fight without using their shield.

They are found in many different areas in Jak II. These include places like the Precursor Mountain Temple and The Dig, where the Metal Heads have invaded in order to get closer to Haven City. Here, they are usually in a secluded area, and they'll appear as a surprise. They are meant to do this in order to get time to shoot at Jak and force him to lose Green Eco health, then give them time to defend. If Jak does see them immediately however, he can engage in melee combat with them, making the battle end quicker. However, it isn't fast enough, he can pull out the Morph Gun and get a few shots in.

[edit] In Battle

When Jak gets into a battle with a Metal Shield, they usually take out quite a bit of health. The person controlling Jak must be quick and agile in order to survive and escape the beams of plasma that the Metal Shield shoots. As soon as they shoot, they will place the shield back in front of themselves. In order to hit them, the player must shoot the Blaster or Vulcan Fury while they are shooting at the player. If the player attempts to engage in melee battle, the Metal Shield will only turn, which will block any attempts at the player's connecting.

If Jak is able to surprise the Metal Shield, then he can engage in Melee combat with them. However, this very rarely happens, so the more logical way of battle would be with the Morph Gun's Blaster and Vulcan Fury. The Peace Maker will work as well, but the Scatter Gun doesn't have enough range to be effective against the Metal Shield.

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