Launch Up To The Cannon Tower

Launch Up To The Cannon Tower is one of the many missions in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for the PlayStation 2. This mission is not available at the beginning of the game, as the player is required to do a portion of the Forbidden Jungle before the available launch pads are made usable.

[edit] Walkthrough

In order to complete this mission, the player must be able to access both Sentinel Beach and Forbidden Jungle. They must have also done the "Activate the Blue Eco Switch" mission in the Forbidden Jungle before they can even begin this mission. There is no character who assigns this mission, which means that the mission title will not appear on the Power Cell menu until Jak and Daxter have completed the full mission.

When all of the prerequisites have been finished, the pair must enter Sentinel Beach and head towards the sentinels. However, before the get there, they should see an area with a Blue Eco Launch Pad (pad with a lightning bolt symbol on it) and an Eco Vent that is shooting out Blue Eco.

Using the launch pad, the duo must navigate their way to the Lurker Cannon Tower in the middle of the ocean, where they will have to defeat a few Lurkers. When that is done, a Power Cell will pop out, and the mission will be over.

[edit] Bonus

Using the Cannon, the player is able to shoot the metal boxes on the beach that cannot be opened without use of Yellow Eco, which is not found on the beach. This is the only way to get 100% on the level, as the boxes drop Precursor Orbs when they are broken.


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