Krimzon Guard Fortress

The KG Fortress is an area found in Haven City in Jak II: Renegade. It is presumably the home of Baron Praxis (sometimes) and the Krimzon Guard, as there are guards around the clock here. It functions mainly as a stronghold for the KG Machinery, as well as a fortress for the Krimzon Guard.


[edit] Jak II

[edit] Environment

The KG Fortress is filled with various pieces of machinery, as well as many large vehicles and ramps that can be used. It is the only place in The Slums that is technologically advanced, probably because it is one of the Baron's police force's main bases.

This area is the first one playable in Jak II. The group is trying to escape from prison after Baron Praxis performed the Dark Warrior Program experiments on Jak, which created Dark Jak. This was all done in a large, complex lab with not much of a floor, and very disgusting sewage. Jak had to escape through the air vents, where he got away from the Krimzon Guard. There were many different pieces of machinery he found that seemed to be used as control panels for a certain section after he escaped the air vents. The group also found rotating elevators that were used to get through the other areas of the fortress. There is also a room that has been almost completely flooded, with no known reason.

When Jak and Daxter visit this area for the second time, it is because they have been told to by the Underground. They are supposed to find and destroy cargo located somewhere in the base. They are chased by a large steamroller that is attempting to keep intruders out of the fortress. However, they are never stopped, and they continue through the building. While there, they find a large amount of security measures. They also find nuclear missiles in the last room, which they set to explode. Strangely however, it doesn't destroy the entire fortress, but it does just destroy that room.

On the third mission, Jak and Daxter find that there are switches that control electronic gates, as well as cannons with tracking lasers. There is a section with electric lasers that is passed by using the JET-Board to get through the ramps. These areas are heavily guarded, surrounded by cannons and Krimzon Guards. The switches are guarded by Hover Guards, as well as the traditional Krimzon Guard on foot. When they are clicked, electronic gates will fall, and the person will be able to continue through the fortress.

[edit] Enemies

There are many enemies that can be found in the Krimzon Guard Fortress. The majority of them are a very obvious group, known as the Krimzon Guard. They can be found in two different colors (crimson and yellow). The crimson members are weaker, and possibly lower-ranked. The yellow members are stronger, with a better rank than the crimson members. They are the enemy that is most often found here.

There are various other types of Krimzon Guard, such as a Hover Guard. These kinds float around on jetpacks and shoot Jak and Daxter, just like the normal members of the Krimzon Guard do. However, their jetpack gives them a much wider range of movement, making it harder to injure and kill them.

However, a different kind of enemy, known as a KG Tank can also be found here. These are large tanks that resemble steamrollers. There is only one that is used as a weapon, but it is found as a security measure in the second mission in this area. These will roll over Jak, forcing him through the fortress, while he is being shot at by guns and other such objects. These cannot be defeated unless they are destroyed by nuclear missiles, which is an event-only weapon.

[edit] Jak 3

The Krimzon Guard Fortress also appears in Jak 3, this time known as the Freedom League Fortress. It is possible that this was used as a Freedom League base (it's painted blue now) before the team moved to the newer section of what used to be the Pumping Station and relocated to the Freedom League HQ. It is still located in the same place however. This area does not play a major role in the game - it is only there for continuation.

The entrance to the Freedom League Fortress was destroyed by Metal Heads and KG Bots. It is now just a crumpled door that blocks the entrance, which makes it impossible to know if anything is still functioning inside.

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