The "large" Crimelord, Krew
Name Krew
Age  ?
Weight  !
Height  ?
Occupation(s) Crimelord, Owner of Hip Hog Haven Saloon, Artifact Collector
Relations Rayn (daughter)
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak X: Combat Racing

Krew is a large, overweight, Crimelord of Haven City. He owns the Hip Hog Haven Saloon, and gets important artifacts from the Wasteland. He provides Jak with the Morph Gun, upgrades, and some advice every now and then.

[edit] Family and Friends

Trust me, he doesn't have many.

Rayn - Rayn is his only daughter. She tries to pass messages from the Dead Krew to the other people in Jak X: Combat Racing.

Jak - Jak is someone who works for him trying to get connections to the Krimzon Guards.

Sig - A spy sent by Damas to watch over Haven City.

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