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This game starts out with you still in Sandover Village working on the Precursor Door with Samos and Keira. When you think it is finished, Samos tells you to press a button. When you try to, Daxter will automatically start leaning over you and talking to Keira. After that, a monster comes out of the door, wanting to destroy the three of them. Jak presses one of the buttons and sends the monster back into the door. Later, they get split up inside of the portal, and each is dropped into a different sector of Haven City. Erol and his Krimzon Guard team comes up and arrests Jak.

The story advances two years from there, with Jak in big trouble with Dark Eco. Baron Praxis and Erol are using him as a Dark Eco experiment, so they can see if they can create something powerful enough to destroy the Metal Heads. It doesn't work and Baron Praxis gets angry and leaves with Erol, then Daxter comes and tries to be heroic. He tries to wake Jak up, but he is completely unconscious. Later, Jak turns into Dark Jak and breaks free of the chains on the chair. Next, he goes after Daxter on accident, but then Daxter wakes him up from his darker side.

Soon, you'll have to find your way out of the prison while fighting Krimzon Guards. After you escape, you'll find that there is a little boy who looks strangely familiar and an old man outside. They come up to Jak, and the old man tells him that his name is Kor. Jak asks for help, but then Krimzon Guards attack the area. You have to defeat them all for him to tell you what to do. When you enter the battle, you will just be normal Jak, but soon into the battle, you will change into Dark Jak. Kor notices this, and gets a little worried. He tells Jak about The Shadow at the underground here, and tells him to ask for Torn when he arrives.

After going through a minor part of Haven City to reach The Underground's Base, you will find a girl whose name is revealed later in the game. She has a menacing glare on her face, which makes Daxter almost immediately fall in love with her. She moves over, and Torn comes to talk to you. Jak asks for the Shadow, and Torn tells him that he has to prove himself by doing a series of missions first. The first one he must do is go to the Dead City and obtain Baron Praxis's Flag. He then throws up a dagger, which is his map symbol. This makes Daxter tremble at the sight of him at first.

Later, you will reach the Dead City. Here, you will find many small enemies wanting to fight you. They aren't too much of a pain, so just take care of them here. The only ones that you sort of need to worry about are the red ones. These can easily be defeated by punching them two times. The path is pretty straight-forward, with only a few confusing parts. The most confusing is getting back though. When you reach the tower in the center, you will have to climb up a few broken ledges, which is really hard when you have a limited amount of time to do this, and you don't have much experience with the controls yet. Afterwards, you'll find the flag, and everything will fall. Torn will be at the bottom of the tower, telling you to return to the city. Go back to the Underground's Base to meet with him.

Afterwards, you will find Torn here. He will not be with anyone else. After a scene about Baron Praxis and The Slums, he'll send you to the area to turn the water back on. After a nice drive through Haven City, you will reach the area. It will have a bunch of weak Metal Heads, which can be dealt with by one or two punches. There are a few confusing areas while going to the pump, but none of them are too difficult. There is one Precursor Orb here that you use to buy Secrets. When you reach the pump, you'll find that Daxter would like to try and spin it. That causes a comedic scene, then Jak jumps down and helps him out. After this, you'll have two things appear on your map. An Oracle and Torn's Dagger.

The Oracle is located in the Slums, so go visit it first. When you enter it's house, it will tell you it needs 25 Metal Head Gems to teach you about channeling your Dark Eco completely. He will send you on your way in Dark Jak form, which makes you much stronger. It doesn't let you roll though, so getting through the bridges is much harder. Just head to Torn's whenever you are done.

Once you're here, you'll see a Steamdozer. Just try to go through the door on the left, and it will sound an alarm and start chasing you. This is the first challenging mission, since there are things shooting at you from almost anywhere. Follow the path until you get to the second part, which is where you must jump on the platforms and destroy the little bulbs. Once you've done this, continue until you get to a room with a rocket shaped object. There will be little items around it, but you don't need to worry about those now. Here, there will be a cutscene with you obtaining the Red Gate Pass, and a few spoilers. Once the scene is over, you'll have to fight the tank. Get it to blow up all of the items surrounding the rocket, and run for the door. That ends that area, which will then send you to the Red area, but first, talk to Torn.

When you go back to talk to Torn, he'll be informed that you blew up all of the cargo. When this happens, he'll tell you about a Zoomer parked out back. It's used to transport Eco Ore to Krew, a man who owns the Hip Hog Saloon. Jak and Daxter accept this job, and go on out to the Zoomer.

This mission can be challenging. The Slums is the first area, which is actually pretty easy. Just make sure not to get any of the Krimzon Guards on you, or to blow up the Zoomer. This will make you completely restart the mission. Then when you arrive in the busiest sector of Haven City, you'll be almost halfway through. When you reach that mark, the alarm will go off and the Krimzon Guards will start attacking you. It might take you a few times, but you almost need to have this path memorized to get to the Port. When you're hear, just go right. You'll get to the Hip Hog Saloon quickly. When you do, the alarm will go off and you'll enter.

When you walk in, Daxter will see a menacing man who is later revealed to be Sig. Then Krew comes down from the ceiling in a little hover-chair, and they start laughing about him. It reveals he's actually pretty evil, so they stop. After talking to him, he gives him the Scatter Gun for delivering the Ore. Then he'll tell you to go to the Gun Course.

When you reach the area, Sig will contact you and tell you how to use the gun. Sort of like a mini-tutorial. Of course, he asks if they would like to try the course, which you have to. Just walk through the door and you'll see that there are quite a few targets. Don't attack any of the human targets, just the Enemy targets. It is easier (in some cases), to attack them in a melee-style battle form. Just beat the score in the top left and you'll finish the mission. Return and talk to Krew at the Saloon.

When you go, he'll tell you that Sig needs some protection at the Pumping Station, and YOU need to prove yourself. Just go hop on the Zoomer outside and ride it for a little bit to the Pumping Station. When you arrive, Sig will be waiting for you by the KG Crates. Just go approach him and the mission will start. You need to at least try and get rid of most of the enemies here, since they are very valuable. The Metal Head Gems can help a lot. Just beat them and go hop on the elevator. Sig will blow up the obstacle blocking the way with his Peace Maker, and then tell you to continue. Get rid of these enemies, and lower the bridge. After continuing, you'll find your first Metal Head. Shoot all of the enemies trying to attack Sig, and continue this until he's done. Continue that strategy until you've gotten rid of all of them. He'll tell you to talk to Krew now.

When you return to him, Krew will tell you that you need to blow up the Turrets that Baron Praxis installed in the Sewers. He says that there will be a nice Morph Gun Mod if you can do this. Go on into the Sewers by following the icon, and you'll enter a room with KG Crates and a few monsters. Just finish them off quickly and continue. You'll arrive at a room with Jail Cells. A Metal Head will jump up from one of the cells. You need to shoot it or punch it. Just keep going until you get to the first Turret. Destroy this one by dodging all of the beams that are fired at you, then punching it. Continue this strategy until you've destroyed all five turrets. Now go and talk to the Oracle. You should have enough Metal Head Skull Gems by now.

When you arrive at the Oracle's house, he'll tell you that you need to give him 25 Skull Gems. Give these to him if you have them, and then he'll teach you a Dark move. This is called Dark Bomb, which is one of the strongest attacks in the game. He'll immediately turn you into Dark Jak and instruct you on how to use it.

Now, go talk to Krew. He'll tell you all about the Gun Mod he was supposed to give you, and it's location, then send you out to get it. Go grab the Blaster at the Gun Course, and start it's Shooting Course. This isn't very hard. You just need to shoot all of the targets...again until you reach the high score. You can keep playing, but it'll only get you Precursor Orbs. Just finish the course and leave to talk to Krew.

When you get to the Hip Hog, Krew will tell you that one of his clients needs racers for her racing team. He thinks that you have the skills to do it, so he'll tell you all about contracts and other funny stuff. Then he'll tell you to get the Zoomer and DRIVE!!! As soon as you jump on, 3 minutes will start on the clock. You need to go through the Port Area and find a way to the Stadium Area in that time. Navigation and Memorization is key. By this I mean, you'll probably fail quite a few times until you get it right. If the Krimzon Guards get on your tail, just run over them. You need to drive fast. When you arrive at the Stadium, don't waste anytime. Head straight towards the Yellow Beam and go talk to Krew's "client".

When you get into her room, she'll be behind a curtain working on something. She'll then start nagging you, and Jak tells her about himself. Then she says he can try the Jetboard course set up on the other side of the Stadium. Jak immediately accepts this mission, then goes to do it. After jumping on the Jetboard, the lady will contact you. She'll give you some instructions that you need to follow. When you're done with all of these, go and activate the judge near the entrance to the Jetboard Course. This isn't too hard of a mission. You just need to spin around a lot until you reach the goal. Afterwards, leave and go talk to the lady again.

She won't give you much information except that she's not looking for anyone on her racing team, and that she won't even accept anyone who works for "the slimeball" Krew. Just go leave and talk to Torn back at the hideout. She won't talk to you anymore for a while.

When you find Torn, he'll tell that you need to find Vin at the Strip Mine. He's been locked in a building by the Metal Heads. First off, you'll need to follow the Lightning Bolt on the map to reach the Power Plant. When you do, go through the Warp Gate and you'll arrive at the Strip Mine. When you get here, Metal Heads will almost immediately jump out at you. Use the Scatter Gun and shoot them all dead. You can collect the Skull Gems if you want. Keep moving until more come out at you. This onslaught will continue until you reach Vin. There are a few Precursor Orbs on the way, so remember to pick those up. When you're done with the level and have saved Vin, go ahead and go through the Warp Gate closest to you.

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