Jak 3

Jak 3
Jak 3
Developer Naughty Dog
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform PlayStation 2
Release date(s) NA: November 9, 2004
EU: November 26, 2004
Ratings 12+
Players 1
Compatible with: N/A
Preceeded by: Jak II
Succeeded by: Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak 3 is the sequel to Jak II and Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. In this game, Jak gets banished into the wasteland by Count Veger. He, along with Daxter and Pecker, is found by some wastelanders, among them the king of Spargus, King Damas. The game takes place after Ashelin becomes the Governor of Haven City. The game was made to reveal many secrets and to tie up any loose ends in the story.

This game marks the first time in the timeline, apart from Daxter, that Daxter is a playable character. There are also a number of mini games which the player can get high scores in later in the game.

As well as all this, Jak returns with his Dark Eco form - Dark Jak - and gains a new form involving Light Eco, appropriately named Light Jak. The Jetboard also makes its return along with numerous characters and enemies from previous games.

Due to Jak II's poor charting rate in Japan, Jak 3 was not released in Japan.

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