Get the Power Cell from the Pelican

Get the Power Cell from the Pelican is one of the many missions in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for the PlayStation 2. It is one of the first possible missions that Jak and Daxter are able to do if they visit the area first. It is available at any point in the game after Geyser Rock.

[edit] Walkthrough

In order to attempt and complete this mission, the pair must first gain access to Sentinel Beach, which is found near the small village known as Sandover Village. If they want to do this, they must complete all of the trials that are given to them by Samos the Sage at Geyser Rock. There is no person who actually assigns this mission to the pair, so it will not show up on the Power Cell list in the menu until Jak and Daxter start and finish the mission themselves.

To start this mission, the pair must travel to Sentinel Beach. When they get there, they will have to fend off many enemies, including things like the Crab while standing on the sand. They must then travel towards the middle of the main beach area, where they will find many metal boxes that cannot be opened until another mission is completed, so there is no need to worry about them right now. The main focus here is the Power Cell, which needs to be grabbed.

However, when Jak and Daxter get close to it, a large Pelican will swoop down and steal it right from under them. It will then take the Power Cell to its nest, which Jak will have to swim to. It isn't very far from the beach, and there are many Precursor Orbs on the way, so the overall journey isn't too treacherous if a 100% run is trying to be completed.

Jak needs to punch or perform a spin kick on the Pelican, who will proceed to spit the Power Cell out onto a cliff not far from its nest. The race is on! The pelican will begin flying there, so Jak and Daxter must quickly take to the ocean in order to get to their destination in time. The pair must swim to the beach, and jump up the cliff. On the way, they will encounter Sand Dragons and Mutts that will attempt to stop them. In the end, Jak and Daxter will reach the Power Cell in time. If they fail, the Pelican will steal it once more and the entire process must be restarted.

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