Dead Town

Dead Town
Low Quality - Needs Replacing
Jak and Daxter in Dead Town
Residents N/A
Connected Areas Haven City
First Appearance Jak II: Renegade
Other Appearance(s) N/A

Dead Town is an area in the financially and environmentally ruined area of Haven City in Jak II: Renegade. It is what used to be Sandover Village from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, shown by Samos's Hut in the middle of Dead Town. It is a dark, dank place that has been completely ruined by the Metal Heads.

[edit] Environment

Dead Town is completely ruined, and made up mostly of old, destroyed buildings and old, murky water. If careful inspection is done, the player can find different areas of what used to be Sandover Village.

Despite there being nothing that can help with life (no sunlight reaches this area) except for water (which is murky and polluted), there are many enemies that lurk around Dead Town. These include creatures like the Hopper and the Metal Heads. However, the latter is only there because of the Metal Head War, which is being revisited during Jak II.

It is said that this area has been destroyed because of the former Metal Head War. The Metal Heads invaded one-hundred years before the events of Jak II, and destroyed all of Sandover Village. They did, however, keep Samos's hut intact, which helped Jak and Daxter defeat them during the events of Jak II. Inside the hut is a seed known as the Life Seed, which helps Jak and Daxter defeat the Metal Head leader. It is possible that the life in Dead Town lived off of the Life Seed.

There are KG Crates scattered about the area that are filled with Dark Eco, Health Packs, and Ammo. However, the latter can only be found when Torn sends the heroes back to Dead Town to stop the Metal Heads for the first time. That is because you have no access to the JET-Board to get across the water (which strangely injures you, despite it being able to provide life for the other beings here), and because you do not yet have the Morph Gun.

[edit] People

There are no people residing in Dead Town, despite its name. It is known that there used to be people who lived in this area (including Jak and Daxter), but that was ruined when the Metal Heads invaded the area. It is possible that The Shadow does still come here every now and then and stay in the area, for his younger self knows about the Life Seed's presence in Samos's Hut. However, it's possible that this is only because he is the Green Eco Sage. There is no way for him to know about it unless they have sent other scouts from The Underground in, or if he himself has gone in there.

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