Dark Jak

Dark Jak
First Appearance Jak II: Renegade
Alignment Protagonist
Other Appearances Jak 3

Dark Jak is a demonic form that Jak transforms into using any Dark Eco he has collected and infusing it with the Dark Eco that is in his veins. Using this form Jak gains enhanced strength, speed and stamina and has access to vicious and destructive new abilities. Dark Jak has made an appearance in Jak II and Jak 3; while both are relatively the same, some of their abilities differ.

At the beginning of Jak II you see Baron Praxis and Erol pumping Dark Eco into Jak (unwillingly the subject of the Dark Warrior Program), and because of his resistance and ability to channel eco, it doesn't kill him. Instead the Dark Eco mutates him through his emotions, person, will and appearance.

[edit] Abilities

  • Dark Bomb - Sends out a shock-wave of dark eco, hitting everything in its range.
  • Dark Blast - Shoots deadly arching bolts of dark eco from Jak's body.
  • Dark Invincibility - Makes Jak invulnerable to all types of damage. Only available in Jak II.
  • Dark Giant - Allows Jak to grow twice in size. This lets him deal more damage and increase the devastation of other dark abilities. Only available in Jak II.
  • Dark Invisibility - This power will allow Jak to turn invisible for a limited time. This is activated by touching a Dark Invisibility Statue. Only available in Jak 3.
  • Dark Strike - A long ranged attack where Jak shoots an enormous amount of Dark Eco at the target in front of him. This move is also used to break down obstacles such as walls. Only available in Jak 3.
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