Chase the Seagulls

Chase the Seagulls is one of the many missions in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for the PlayStation 2. It is one of the first available missions if Jak explores the area of this mission. It is only available after all of the missions in Geyser Rock have been completed (four Power Cells).

[edit] Walkthrough

In order to attempt to complete this mission, Jak and Daxter must first gain access to Sentinel Beach, which is located on the west side of Sandover Village. If they want to do this, they must first go through Geyser Rock, and pass all of the trials that were given to them by the Green Sage while they were at his hut. As there is no person who truly assigns this mission to Jak and Daxter, it will not show up on the Power Cell menu until it is started and completed.

This mission is not difficult at all. In order to complete it, the pair must enter Sentinel Beach. When they start off, they will be near the cliffs that are found on the beach. To continue, they have to go and find the main area of the beach.

From here, they have a choice between swimming and finding some Precursor Orbs, or climbing up the cliffs and fighting creatures such as the Mutt for Precursor Orbs. There is risk in both. If they swim out too far, they will be devoured by a Lurker Shark, and if they take the cliff path, they could be defeated by monsters.

From the other side of the beach, they just need to continue going west (pass the Eco Harvesters, and keep going). Eventually, they will arrive over at the Sentinels, where there are seagulls sitting around in groups. The pair must chase the seagulls around where they fly, and they will eventually fly far away, over onto the cliffs near the waterfall. This will cause an avalanche, and a Power Cell will fall down onto the ground.

Jak and Daxter must make their way over to the Power Cell, which is near the Eco Harvesters. It is sitting on a rock, very close to the area where the cliffs needed to be climbed when the egg pushing mission was done for the Bird-Lady.

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