Baron Praxis

Baron Praxis
Baron Praxis as in Jak II
Race Name Human
Armor Strong
Weaponry Major
Relations Ashelin (Daughter)
Occupations Ruler of Haven City
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3

Baron Praxis is the ruler of Haven City, the leader of the Krimzon Guards, and the father of Ashelin. He overthrows Damas in the middle of the war against the Metal Heads. He dies later in the game after the Metal Head Leader is revealed.

[edit] Acquaintances

He works with the Krimzon Guards as their leader, and secretly works to give the Metal Heads eco so they do not attack the walls. He also works with Krew at various times, who gives him weaponry and items to use against the Metal Heads in the war.

[edit] Biography

Baron Praxis took over Haven City when Damas was defeated in the midst of the Metal Head War. He then formed the strong police force for Haven, known as the Krimzon Guard. He also had a child named Ashelin with an unknown mother.

Throughout the majority of Jak II: Renegade, he works as a double agent, torn between the citizens of Haven City and the Metal Heads. He is seen and heard working for both. His voice is often projected to the city, telling them that he is working on destroying the Metal Heads. It is unknown when these messages were taped, so it is not known if he was once truly intent on destroying them.

When the Metal Heads invaded Haven City, the Baron was quickly killed by their leader, Metal Kor. When Kor is revealed as a traitor, it is learned that he sent Jak on the missions to stop the Baron from getting Eco in order to drop the city walls, just so the Metal Heads could destroy this city and make its fate the same as the many others they had destroyed.

Metal Kor kills Baron Praxis because the Baron could no longer provide the Eco that was required in the agreement between the Baron and the Metal Heads. This agreement was to keep them back, away from the city, but Kor was working with The Underground to destroy the City Walls anyways (without letting people know), so the agreement was futile, and only used to stall.

It is learned that he truly did care about the city when he was killed. He shouted that if the entire city was going to die, he'd be going down with it. His Eco trades were not to harm the city, but to protect them. It seems like he had no idea what was going on, as Vin controlled the city walls.

After he was killed, his daughter, Ashelin, took over Haven City, as well as the Krimzon Guard (who became the Freedom League after Torn was promoted to a commanding rank). The Metal Head agreement was cancelled, as they had already invaded, and there was no need to waste any Eco.

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